About our products

Simplify your day-to-day calibration tasks with a PIE process calibrator

I&E technicians use a process calibrator to do more and more every day with less help and shrinking budgets! PIE process calibrators help you simplify your job with calibrators that are technician friendly. They are compact, easy to learn, simple to set up and highly accurate. Compare our simple design to those calibrators with all those fancy buttons and you will find you can do more with a PIE calibrator, in less time AND not need a manual!!

Calibrators to fit every need

When you need to source, read or simulate a process input or a control signal, PIE has a process calibrator to fit your needs.

Why PIE calibrators?


Smallest calibrators in the field

New design PIE calibrators weigh under one pound and are the size of a cell phone. No more hassles with carrying big, bulky calibrators up and down ladders or in tight spaces. Our hands free case design makes it even easier to make adjustments to transmitters and other field instrumentation.


Ease of use

PIE technician-friendly calibrators are all about ease of use. PIE’s unique and intuitive EZ-DIAL Double Click Menu makes them simpler to set up than larger calibrators with their complicated button-filled panels and confusing menus.

Use a PIE right out of the box instead of wasting time trying to learn to use more complex button filled calibrators.


Technician-suggested evolutionary design

PIE Calibrators include features requested by I&E technicians such as stepping, ramping, secondary displays and various troubleshooting tools. From simple thermocouple and RTD sources to multifunction calibrators, PIE has what you are looking for at a price to fit your budget.


Patented loop diagnostic technology

A current leakage in a process loop, sometimes referred to as a ground fault condition, can be one of the most difficult and frustrating problems to diagnose. Using a loop diagnostic calibrator from PIE allows you to instantly read this current leakage. This will save you hours of unnecessary calibration and troubleshooting. Check out our videos for a demonstration of loop diagnostics in action.


Popular Models

Handheld process calibrators for all your industrial applications

With our R&D, manufacturing and sales/service located in upstate New York, our lead times are fractions of the competitors! Our most popular models are usually in stock or can ship within a few days.

Need More Information?

Practical Instruments consists of a world-class team with 30+ years of experience in design, repair and recalibration services. Give us a call. We would love to work with you.