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PIE is more than the company that makes calibrators. PIE is the place you can turn to when you are trying to solve problems in your plant! Other companies make calibrators and other test equipment - PIE makes troubleshooting tools to find and solve plant problems.

Our engineers have decades of experience in calibration issues and have most likely helped technicians with a similar problem in the past. We don’t have all the answers, but we do know many others in the industry. Many of our representatives have experience with temperature and pressure measurement, valve design, controller setup and SCADA systems. Some of the companies we partner with are experts in PLC and controller programming. We can also provide training on a variety of calibration, control and instrumentation systems.

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Technical Documents

Finding Moisture and Corrosion Problems

Finding Moisture and Corrosion Problems using PIE Patented Current Leak Detection

Bring your plant up safely and quickly by detecting moisture contamination in 4 to 20 mA loop wiring

PIE 10-50 mA Calibrators

Calibrators Designed for Nuclear Plant Operations and 10-50 mA Loops

PIE 10-50 mA calibrators keep your nuclear power plant running

Troubleshooting pH Instruments

Troubleshooting pH Instruments Using PIE Calibrators

A PIE Calibrator with pH simulation can speed up the troubleshooting and adjustment of pH transmitters and analyzers

Distributor Quick Reference Guide

Distributor Quick Reference Guide

Calibrator models quick reference, benefits to becoming a PIE distributor, new distributor onboarding process, and more


How do I replace a calibrator?
  1. Call PIE at (585) 872-9350 or email us to request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Be sure to indicate if the calibrator is Altek or PIE along with the model and serial number.
  2. Download the PIE RMA Form and fill it in using Adobe Acrobat, or print it out and fill in the information requested. Enclose this document with the device(s) being returned.
  3. Enclose or email a purchase order for the services being requested; credit cards also accepted for customers without an account.
What are the costs to recalibrate or repair a PIE calibrator?

PIE Model


Repair and Recalibrate

334 / 334Plus



510 / 510B



511 / 511B / 512 / 512B / 522



211 / 235 / 322



311 / 422 / 434 / 311Plus / 422Plus



520 / 520B



521 / 521B



525 / 525B / 525Plus



531 / 134



530 / 532









820 / 820Elite / 820PM / 830 / 830PM






What is the best way to buy a PIE calibrator?

You may buy a calibrator from your local distributor, a national distributor or directly from PIE. Your local distributor may provide you with local support including demonstrating the calibrator at your location, delivery services and training. National distributors may provide you with fast delivery options and may have special pricing setup with your company. Calibrators ordered directly from must be paid for in advance using PayPal. UPS ground is included at no extra charge and expedited shipping is available. Standard delivery from PIE is 1 to 2 weeks. International shipping will be by UPS with the cost calculated by PayPal.

Does the calibrator come with a certificate of calibration?

Every PIE calibrator comes from our factory with a small Calibration Certificate card. It includes the model and serial number, a technician’s signature and the date of calibration. All the assets used for calibration are traceable to NIST. If you require a certificate containing data recorded at multiple points along with a list of the assets and their calibration dates, you should order certified test data at the time the calibrator is ordered from the distributor or from PIE. There is an extra charge for this certified test data.

Are PIE calibrators made in the U.S.?

Absolutely! Our headquarters are in Webster, NY, a suburb of Rochester, NY on the shore of Lake Ontario. PIE calibrators are designed, assembled, calibrated with NIST traceability, and serviced in the U.S. with components that are sourced from around the world.

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Practical Instruments consists of a world-class team with 30+ years of experience in design, repair and recalibration services. Give us a call. We would love to work with you.