Altek 11 RTD Calibrator | Replace with the updated PIE 510B

Altek 11 RTD calibrator – no longer in production!

The Altek 11 was designed back in 1981 and was last manufactured in 2010. The PIE 510B covers all the Models for the Altek 11 for a single RTD type with a few features bringing the design into the 21st century. It has an optional rubber boot and lower profile switches for protection in the field and a backlit display making it easier to use in the dark corners of your plant. The PIE has an LCD display that sources a single RTD type with 0.1° resolution that  in °F and °C.

vs Altek 11 Discontinued - Suggested replacement PIE 510B or PIE 511B

Advantages of the PIE 510B over the Altek 11 RTD calibrator

  • Continuously select output temperatures
    Works will all instrument ranges across the full range in degrees C & F. Not limited to 11 temperature steps!
  • Works with Pt 100 & 1000 Ohm, Cu or Ni RTDs
    One simulator replaces ALL the ranges for any single RTD type of the Altek 11
  • Instantly select output three temperatures
    Flip the EZ-Check switch to calibrate zero, span and mid-point
  • LCD display with backlight
    Easy viewing in dark locations
  • More resistant to accidental damage
  • Includes Certificate of Calibration
    All PIE Calibrators come with a free signed and dated certificate. Altek calibrators come only with an unsigned Statement of Calibration Practices with a certificate of calibration available for an extra charge.

Looking for more than just an Altek 11 replacement?

PIE 311

The PIE 311 RTD calibrator offer you not only a high accuracy temperature source and also reads RTD sensors to verify that your probes are functioning correctly. It accurately sources and measures 10 RTD types. Secondary display of the corresponding resistance values. Patented automatic detection of 2, 3 & 4 wire for easy hookups and troubleshooting RTD elements.

Why choose a PIE 510B instead of some other brand of RTD calibrator?  We are the same team that designed the Altek 11, 211 & 311 RTD calibrators and no other manufacturer has as much RTD calibrator experience as PIE. In addition to RTD calibrators PIE also manufactures a complete line of milliamp, voltage, thermocouple and frequency single function calibrators as well as multifunction calibrators matching and surpassing the Altek line of handheld calibrators.

When it is time for service on your Altek 11 PIE has the most experience in calibration and repair of Altek electronic calibrators. Or, if it is time to upgrade or replace a failing Altek 11 calibrator, we offer a discount on a new PIE calibrator similar to the Altek that you are replacing – in working or non working condition! Click for repair and calibration pricing.

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