About PIECAL – Manufacturer of Process Calibrators

Thanks for learning about PIECAL – Practical Instrument Electronics, manufacturer of PIE Calibrators.

We are excited to introduce ourselves as an experienced manufacturer of calibration equipment for the process industry. Our products are “Practical” and “EZ-as-PIE” for the end user in the field. We are focused on manufacturing accurate, durable and precise calibration equipment which is easy to use. PIE calibrators are designed, assembled, calibrated with NIST traceablitiy, and serviced in the United States of America with components that are sourced from around the world.

    About PIECAL – The Team

Practical Instruments consists of a world-class team headed by the former Director of Engineering of Altek© and Transmation Products Group, Ron Clarridge.

The combined experience and knowledge within the industry of the team enable us to produce practical instruments of exceptional quality.

About PIECAL – Our Services

Expert calibration and repair of practically all Altek© products with 30+ man years of experience in design, repair and recalibration services.

View the complete list of products we can help calibrate for top performance by clicking here.

About PIECAL – Expertise

The core expertise of the team at PIE lies in:

  • Process calibration
  • Customer service
  • Quality/Reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Rugged design

Employment Opportunities

PIE actively participates with the Co-op program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. For co-op opportunities or other job opportunities, contact Mike Kieck Email Mike

We understand what the industry is looking for in handheld calibrators. Give us a call! We would love to work with you.