GE Calibrator or Druck Calibrator – Time to upgrade to a PIE Calibrator

A GE Calibrator or Druck Calibrator is complicated versus the small size and easy to use interface of a PIE Calibrator. The DPI 811 and DPI 812 and DPI 880 calibrators require complicated hookups with easily lost jumper wires for RTD connections while the PIE 820 & PIE 830 use true 2, 3 & 4 wire connections. The Druck DPI 821 and Druck 822 thermocouple calibrators require miniature thermocouple connectors to plug in wires while the PIE 422 and PIE 525B accept bare thermocouple wires under screws as well as miniature thermocouple connectors.

Find hidden problems in 4 to 20 milliamp loops, broken wires from RTD sensors and excessive loop loads with troubleshooting features found only on PIE calibrators. Upgrade your Fluke process calibrator with a PIE Evolutionary Calibrator and see how much easier it is to use and how much time you save on each calibration.

GE Sensing Calibrator/Druck Calibrator upgrade to PIE

GE Sensing/Druck Model
Upgrade to PIE Model
MultifunctionGE/Druck DPI 880PIE 830
ThermocoupleGE/Druck DPI 821 or GE/Druck DPI 822PIE 422
RTDGE/Druck DPI 811 or GE/Druck DPI 812PIE 311
MilliampGE/Druck UPS IIPIE 334
MilliampGE/Druck UPS IIIPIE 434
Milliamp & VoltageGE/Druck DPI 832PIE 532
FrequencyGE/Druck DPI 841 or GE/Druck DPI 842PIE 541
Thermocouple & mAGE/Druck 822PIE 422Plus
RTD & mAGE/Druck 812PIE 311Plus