What is the best way to buy a PIE Calibrator?

You may buy from you your local distributor, a national distributor or directly from PIE.

Your local distributor may provide you with local support including demonstrating the calibrator at your location, delivery services and training. They will quote you a lower price than ordering from this website.  They may also provide calibration services and additional support after the sale.

National distributors may provide you with fast delivery options and may have special pricing setup with your company. They may also provide calibration services support after the sale.

Calibrators ordered directly from piecal.com must be paid for in advance using PayPal. UPS ground is included at no extra charge and expedited shipping is available. Standard delivery from PIE is 1 to 2 weeks. International shipping will be by UPS with the cost calculated by PayPal.

Does the calibrator come with a certificate of calibration?

Every PIE Calibrator comes from our factory with a small card which is a Calibration Certificate. It includes the Model and Serial number, a technician’s signature and the date of calibration. All the assets used for calibration are traceable to NIST.

If you require a certificate containing data recorded at multiple points along with a list of the assets and their calibration dates you should order Certified Test Data at the time the calibrator is ordered from the distributor or from PIE. There is an extra charge for this certified test data. Some distributor may perform their own calibration and provide you with their own certificates.

Are PIE Calibrators made in the USA?

Absolutely! Our headquarters is in Webster, NY, a suburb of Rochester NY on the shore of Lake Ontario. PIE calibrators are designed, assembled, calibrated with NIST traceablitiy, and serviced in the United States of America with components that are sourced from around the world.