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Get 3 PIECAL 820s for less than the price of 2 Altek Model 820s

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Simplify your day-to-day calibration tasks
I & E technicians have to do more and more every day with less help and shrinking budgets. PIECAL Calibrators help you simplify your job with calibrators that are technician friendly. They are compact, easy to learn, simple to setup and accurate. And PIE is the home of the only calibrators with patented Loop Diagnostic Technology!

PIE technician friendly calibrators are all about ease of use. PIE's unique and intuitive EZ-DIAL Double Click Menu makes them simpler to setup than larger calibrators with their complicated button filled panels and confusing menus. Use a PIECAL right out of the box instead of wasting time learning to use more complex calibrators. Rubber boots provide protection as well as a flip out stand for benchtop use. You may also add a magnet strap to hang the calibrator from a cabinet door or suspend it from a rail or pipe.

Technician suggested evolutionary design
PIE Calibrators include features requested by I & E technicians. From simple thermocouple and RTD sources to multifunction calibrators PIE has what you are looking for at a price to fit your budget.

Looking to replace an obsolete Altek* or Transmation* calibrator?
PIE Calibrators are designed and built by members of the same team that created the calibrators now manufactured by Fluke* under the Altek* label. We have been designing calibrators since the 1980s and for PIE since 2001. Improvements include simple "Double Click Menu", rubber boot with tilt stand, backlit displays with larger digits, rugged switches and battery compartments for fast battery changes. PIE has upgraded replacements for the Altek Multifunction Process Calibrator 820, Altek RTD Calibrators 311A and 211, Altek Thermocouple Calibrators 422 and 322-1, Altek Process Voltage Analyzer 235, and the Altek 4-20 Milliamp Calibrators 334, 334A and 434. The PIE Model 535 is the perfect replacement for the Transmation 1040 and 1080 for 10-50 milliamp loops.

Support when you need it anywhere in the world
PIE Calibrators are made in the USA. Unlike some other calibrators that only include a statement of calibration practices, PIE Calibrators come standard with a Certificate of Calibration and a Three Year Warranty! We recommend annual recalibration of our products. Contact PIE or your local distributor for factory recalibration. Calibration may also be performed by your company's calibration laboratory or any of your qualified calibration vendors. Calibration procedures are posted on our website.


Evolution 334
PIE Magnet Strap
pdf document Magnet Strap Datasheet


A current leakage in a process loop, sometimes referred to as a ground fault condition, can be one of the most difficult and frustrating problems to diagnose. Often caused by incorrect grounding, corrosion or moisture, a current leakage will appear as a zero shift in calibration of the loop transmitter. Using a Loop Diagnostic Calibrator from PIE allows you to instantly read this current leakage. This will save you hours of unneeded calibration and troubleshooting. Click on the link below to watch a video demonstration of Loop Diagnostics in action. (View Endorsement)

YouTube Video Watch Video: Introduction to PIE Calibrators

YouTube Video Watch Video: Demonstration of Loop Diagnostics

YouTube Video Watch Video: PIE milliamp and voltage calibrators

YouTube Video Watch Video: PIE thermocouple calibrators

YouTube Video Watch Video: PIE RTD calibrators

YouTube Video Watch Video: PIE Multifunction calibrators

YouTube Video Watch Video: Troubleshoot transmitter and
loop problems by replacing a transmitter
with a PIE 830 and viewing the
loop current, voltage and resistance.

We recalibrate and repair Altek Calibrators!
See our Repair and Calibration Services page.

Need a custom design? Get a calibrator customized to match your requirements including custom RTD or T/C tables! Fill out our Custom-Unit Request Form
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